Posted on January 22, 2015 · Posted in Projects

This project of constructing a temple, our place of worship, was an exciting, unique and pleasurable experience for all members at G8.

Having purchased the factory from Telspec on 14th September 2007, we began to remove the machinery immediately and then went onto carrying out the internal demolition work to Mezzanine floors in order to achieve a clear floor area.

From January 2008 we commenced construction works to install steel structures to accommodate the Mezzanine floor in the eastern part of the building. We then went on to construct mezzanine floors and framework for the dome construction. The Dome was constructed with steel frames and glass in fill panels. Construction + suspending the ceiling in the main hall commenced along with insulating the walls, covering with plasterboard and skimming in gypsum plaster. At the same time, electrical, CCTV, fire alarms and sound systems were installed. Following this, self-levelling floors with hot water floor heating were installed.

Finally, floor tiling progressed followed by decorators and carpet layers for the building to be completed and handed over in March 2010. The official opening of the building took place on 13th April 2010.