Health & Safety.

Health, Safety and Environment is always the first and foremost agenda in any projects we undertake. We believe “Everyone should be able to go to work knowing that they will return home safely”.

We strongly believe in training employees to the highest standards possible.

We are fully committed to Health, Safety, Environmental and sustainability in everything we do. We believe that it is these factors, along with our hard work and dedication, which has led us to gain the most important Health and Safety accreditations around.

Below shows more information about our Health and Safety Policy.

G8 take Health & Safety very seriously, to make sure all health & safety measures are met we have an in-house H&S manager and employ an external H&S Management Company. All qualification & accreditation can be supplied upon request.

G8s Health and Safety Policy is reviewed every 6 months to ensure we are capturing all aspects of our working environments.

The primary business conducted by G8 Construction is provision of labour and equipment to Principal Contractors employed on road maintenance and general construction. Generally this resource is managed on sites jointly by the client’s staff and G8 Construction Ltd.

Our workforce is required to comply with the client’s Health and Safety Policy whilst under the client’s control. However, this in no way absolves G8 Construction of their responsibility for employee Health and Safety, therefore G8 Construction has, as required by legislation produced this Safety and Health Policy and Management System for its business activities.

G8 Construction recognises that commitment to health and safety has positive benefits to the organisation and good safety and health makes good business sense. The company also recognises that health and safety is a business function and must, therefore be considered along with all other aspects of the company business so that the company continually progresses and adapts to change in legislation and business needs.

The approach to health and safety will be based on the identification and control of risks through its Safety and Health Management Systems which apply to all activities conducted by G8 Construction.

The Managing Director shall ensure appropriate levels of resources are allocated to provide safety and healthy working within the organisation. A positive culture will be encouraged and this will be vigorously supported by management.

This policy and Safety and Health Management System acknowledges the company’s responsibility to persons other than its own operatives, whether members of the public, operatives of Client etc.

In the supply of organisation services, operation and maintenance of all equipment and materials, it is the aim of management to do everything possible to prevent personal injury and damage. To this end management will provide appropriate safety instructions and safety equipment for all operatives wherever necessary.

In pursuit of the above G8 Construction ltd undertakes to:

1, Conduct its operations within the constraints of existing health and safety law and be better than the law requires where practicable, and 2, Ensure that clients are provided with manpower competent and aware of their responsibilities and procurement of resources (equipment) suitable for the work being undertaken